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    Amsterdam Golf Commission Meeting Notes 6-13-23

Amsterdam Golf Commission Meeting Notes 6-13-23
Present-Tim Holloway, Chris Sherlock, Skip Phillips, Bill Dzierson
Scott Warren, Jeff Betti

1. Pledge of allegiance

2. Public comments

  • Bo Karutis-can we have 2 rakes in the larger traps

3. Superintendent and maintenance report

  • Mice have destroyed the control panel for sprinkler heads. An insurance claim will be filed for replacement.
  • Bell will be moved on the hill looking at buying a more distinct bell
  • Speed of the greens are getting better
  • Tee boxes are being seeded
  • Changing cups every other day and both weekend days.
  • Cart paths are being filled in as much as Brightview can do
  • Brightview budget is at $13,319
  • Irrigation is at a deficit until we get the insurance $ for the mouse damage.

Muni maintenance meeting 6/8 Notes Present: Alex,Scott and Bill.

  1. Alex said Dolly Day was welcome to use the utility cart.
  2. Bell on hole 10 may have to be moved back further and may
    • Need a louder bell.
  3. Greens are rolling much better, Alex found the couplers which will
    • Allow more frequent and accurate watering of greens.
  4. Alex will roll greens Friday in preparation of tournament Saturday.
  5. Budget balance for Maintenance is $13,319.00
  6. Chemical locker is being held off and put into 2023 budget.
  7. Sprinkler control box on hole#13, was destroyed by mice, two boards
    • Were chewed by mice, will be expensive to repair($1000).
  8. Mayor found $8800, in budget for cart paths, will get a quote
    • From company with specific size equipment to repair without
    • Compromising or disrupting regular play. Funds will come from
    • COVID relief allocations. There is also $11,200 available for practice
    • Area development.
  9. It was requested and agreed upon that the compromised birch
    • On the left side of the fairway just above the knoll will be removed.
  10. Scott will follow up on the approval of the three tree thinning
    • Quotes previously received. Will notify us at next meeting.
  11. Wievels, were discovered on approaches to greens, they are an
    • Invasive species which if not neutralized can cause substantial
    • Damage, they have been neutralized.
  12. Brightview crew was given Thursday afternoon off due to poor
    • air quality situation.
  13. Plan is being devised to handle the clover in the rough, it has been
    • Handled in Fairways.
  14. Fourup has been advised of all tournament updates.
  15. I would like to compliment Jeff and Scott on an extraordinary
    • Great handling of the veterans program, terrific addition to the
    • Community golf program.
    • Respectfully submitted
    • Bill

4. Golf pro report - Jeff detailed promotions proposedAmsterdam Municipal Golf

  • Course Marketing
  1. Father’s Day Weekend-Book a tee time on Saturday June 17 or Sunday June 18, fill out information in the Golf Pro Shop to sign up for our customer marketing list (name, email, phone number required) and you will be entered in a drawing for Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course Gift Cards.

  2. Weekend Family and Friends Golf-Weekend golf at Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course is a great time to reconnect with high school friends, college friends or family members. Book tee times for 6 or more golfers, between 12:00 pm and 4:00pm, and receive a $5 per person discount off your tee time.

  3. Loyalty Points-Beginning on July 1, 2023 golfers that have registered for our customer marketing list (name, email, phone number required) will receive Loyalty Points (10%) towards future greens fees? Points not valid before 11:00 am on weekends(Motion-to approve loyalty program approved to begin this weekend)
  • Discussion about when people will be able to use the loyalty points.

Golf Consultant financial report - We are ahead $21K on income revenue for the first 11 months of the fiscal year.
Current income projection for this season $575 ($38K increase) Memberships $210K, $50K from golf outings, the rest greens fees.
Consultant Financial Update
Revenue Receipt Reports July 1 - May 31
FY2022 - $466,283
FY2023 - $487,528
EOY FY2022 - $537,000
EOY FY2023 projection $575,000

financial report 082023

  • Discussion on members being upset about the course being closed on some weekend days for tournaments and outings. Scott said that closing of the course is necessary depending on the size of the event, the amount of prep time needed and cart availability. Now that more members have sold their private carts, the city cart used for the tournaments can not be used for tee times because they need to stage them for the outings. Scott explained that the income from these outings are needed to remain financially viable. Chris and Tim reminded the commission that weekend tournaments are something that members are not used to. Tim asked where we draw the line if new Saturday and Sunday Tournaments come in.

  • Scott explained that we are at the lowest level of service from Brightview. Scott’s goal is to make as much money as possible so that we can go up one tier of service to make our conditions even better.

  • Skip-there has been a lot of change and it has been difficult. We need to make extra effort to explain the change. We need to make a better effort on how we explain things to the membership in a more positive manner.

  • Skip-we need to do what we can to sustain the future of the golf course.

  • Scott-Golf Carts could have been ordered and received but the city told him that we have to go to a public bid process. Scott still wants to pursue buying carts. It is his opinion that that is the most cost effective way to go. Scott has a meeting Tuesday with Five Star to learn more. Five Star would have bought out our lease early. Scott mentioned that other companies with probably not do that.

5. Old business

  • Tim-Would it be possible to reach out to the boy scouts to restore the old bridge. What is the liability and Mike Clark (engineer) would need to be involved.

6.New business

  • Jeff-Working with the City of Amsterdam Rec. Dept and Montgomery County on a program for veterans. The county wanted every veteran to get a free membership at the golf course.The money available is only $50K. Jeff and Scott have shifted the model to a passbook model. 18-20 members are veterans ($380 reimbursement) This leaves room for another 50 people to get a 10 round passbook for free. Montgomery County Veteran Affairs will reimburse the city for all passbooks. This programs could generate new golf customers and a new source of income. Jeff would like to integrate the PGA Hope program into this. $7,000 for the range will help with that. The county wants the naming rights to the driving range. Veteran social events will be included in this program. Veterans serving as mentors.(Approved by commission)

  • Bill-Possibility of creating a Golf Course Foundation so that we can raise money for the course. We would need to be a 501c. Chris has the records for the existing 501c. The President of this has passed away. The mayor suggested that the corporate council assist in getting the beautification money out of KeyBank to start this fund. Would it be possible to elect new officers and keep this organization active?

  • Bill-do we want an app for the golf course? Jeff explained that it would come at a cost and he doesn’t believe that we need it at this point.

Adjournment 5:40

Next Meeting July 18th 4pm Settles Hill Pavilion

Respectfully Submitted,
Christine Sherlock