Golf Tips

Don't forget your clubs and your equipment:

Make sure you stay on good terms with your equipment over the winter. 

Let's start with the basics:* Don't lose your clubs! It happens, put them in a safe spot that you will remember. No reason to turn down the opportunity to play on short notice because you can't locate your equipment.

* Clean your clubs before you put them away for the winter. Warm soapy water, a brush and a towel is all you need for an end of season cleanup. Give your clubs a good scrubbing, get the dried grass and soil out of the grooves and then dry them off.

* Evaluate the condition of your grips. If it is time to get new grips, take care of that sooner rather than later.

* Clean out your golf bag and take an inventory of your supplies. Gloves, golf balls, tees, ball markers, towels, GPS or distance measuring devices. Now is a good time to drop hints on golf stocking stuffers for friends and family to focus on for you. Even little things like batteries for your rangefinder are useful!

* Assess the condition of your golf shoes and golf bag. If they have seen their better days you can look for deals before spring rolls around.

Keep a club or two nearby:

If you don't find many opportunities to swing your clubs in the winter months, there are still some simple things you can do to work on maintaining your game. In my 25+ years as a PGA Professional the most common thing I see golfers struggle with after a long layoff is the pre-shot basics. Grip, posture, balance and alignment are monumentally important. Allocating some time in the winter can pay huge dividends when you get the opportunity to resume playing. 

Grip: I have been reminding golfers for years that simple things like keeping a club nearby can make it easy to have some random productivity. Take a two minute break from your computer or during television commercials to practice your grip. Keep taking that club in and out of your hands with a focus on applying a proper grip each time you pick it up. Make sure the grip is into your fingers and not finding its way too far into the palms of your hands. We also want to make sure that our top/lead hand is fully on the grip and not hanging off of the end of the club.

Posture and Balance: Much like the grip, posture can be a bit shoddy in the spring without some focus in the non-traditional season. When our posture is bad it almost always results in poor balance pre-shot and in shot. How can we work on our posture and balance in the winter? A few basic drills will help:

* Without a club in your hands, cross your arms and lightly grasp your shoulders (right hand on left shoulder and left hand on the right shoulder). Now stand tall and settle yourself so that you feel athletically balanced over the center of your hips and the balls of your feet. Be careful not to push your hips too high and exert pressure on your lower back. Your goal is to find yourself in a position that allows you to turn your lead shoulder under your chin without compromising your balance. 


- Scott Warren, PGA.